Established in 2020 by Kelsey Copeland after years of disciplined studio practice and working for various architectural and residential designers in New York and Richmond, Virginia. Kelsey received a degree in 2014 from New York School of Interior Design. Copeland Studio is a full service interior design and art studio that also specializes in furniture & lighting design, custom textiles, and research based curation.  

A strong focus on adaptive reuse in her practice in all mediums has led Kelsey to the use of sheer silk as a medium for communicating languages between form, texture, color, and shadow. Journaling through painting and collage with materials only immediately available, usually recycled or collected, representing the nature of the human being and the limits in life. Expressions are simply reflections of the dichotomy seen and felt in nature and society. Her work explores these interactions and how we perceive time.

Marks left on sheer feel like fossils or ghosts, stamped in time yet barely there. The top and most visible layer evolves as the subsequent layer(s) peek through. Its shadows combine and change as the viewer passes, promptin a visceral interaction. Often light is incorporated, altering the marks further just as the sun and absense of it do on every surface of Earth. The work acts as a living, breathing organism rather than a direct representation of anything else. Symbiotic entities that are almost invisible without its other parts; united as one it speaks for itself.

(photos by Ethan Hickerson)
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